What soap are you using?

TrueSoap is Simple Moisturizing Luxurious Hydrating

Why use natural soap?

Soaps are not suppose to give you DRY SKIN!. With natural ingredients your skin should naturally absorb the ingredients and put them to immediate use. TrueSoap is made with simple ingredients like real butters and oils that your skin loves and needs.

We all have heard that the biggest organ in the human body is the skin. Truesoap is formulated to help you improve and maintain healthy skin. Sensitive skin? TrueSoap has you covered!

That’s right! We do not mass produce our soaps. Each bar is personally cut, inspected, cured and packaged. Rest assured that somebody at Truesoap cared about what goes on your body. 

Your eyes are not playing tricks on you! It does not take 8 different oils and butters to make your skin shine and to make your skin feel like never before. Natural soap is and always has been simple

No sulfates, No Parabeans, No Hard Chemicals. All of our soaps are Cold Press Soaps.

Our mission is simple....Make simple soap that moisturize and hydrate your skin

We make simple luxurious soap so to revitalize the skin and keep you moisturized time you use it.

We guarantee that our soap is not filled with harsh chemical ingredients. Your body should be able to use every ingredient on our soap. 

Coming soon!

New Soaps! Stay tuned.

customer Feedback

"Your soap is amazing. I just took a shower using the Goat Milk & Honey and I feel soo good and it smells soo good! The goat milk and honey is by far the best soap I’ve ever used in my life, seriously!! Definitely will purchase again. My family praises the Most High for your talent. Blessings!."
"My Husband and I really like the soap. My Skin is very soft and I still get the clean feel afterwards. You have my and my family as a continuing customer!"
"Hands down top quality top results. This soap gives you the satisfaction without the guilt of feeling like you’ve compromised health for convenience. This soap satisfies in both departments: health and convenience. Satisfied customer. definitely look forward to the blessings to come ahead from the most high through truthsoap"

Don't Leave Without your TrueSoap